Friday, 6 November 2020

Best WordPress Instagram Plugins to Illustrate Responsive posts

Instagram is growing rapidly these days and its reach has increased tremendously. It has almost more than 1 billion users and it has almost all the industries follow Instagram to promote their business. Industries like fashion, food, fitness, medical, and others all are following Instagram and exhibit their flamboyant pictures on the platform so that they can let them promote their business not only with the target audience but far beyond that.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms which can help you to enhance your business and showcase your product in the market. It helps the existing customers to stay updated and also attract brand new customers with its eye-catching feeds. Recent studies show that from all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms Instagram uses the one which keeps its user more engaged than anyone else. Hence this proves that while making the market strategy one should give more preference to Instagram and it should be kept on priority and planning should rotate around it.

Instagram focuses on visual content and attracts customers through beautiful high resolution, Vibrant pictures, and videos. These pictures and videos are shared by the owners constantly and at regular intervals which creates a great demand for their product. To beautify the visual content there are a lot of Instagram WordPress Plugins that are available for illustrating responsive and interactive posts. These Plugins are very simple to use and they make the feeds more attractive and eye-catching and attract more customers.If you Want to know how this plugin works then i will suggest you to join the best digital marketing courses they can teach you everything about how social media operates.

Let's talk about a few premia and free wordpress Instagram plugins that are best to display Interactive and responsive posts.

1) WordPress Instagram Plugin Grace

Grace is one of the best Instagram plugins and users love using it and its rating is also really very impressive. It is very simple to use Grace, what all you need is to identify different accounts from where you can source the media from and this flexible plugin has various uses which would incline you more about Grace.

Grace has some excellent features which should be emphasized, Grace can display the images based on videos, User accounts, locations, hashtags, and many other things which are already liked by the users. With this plugin, it becomes extremely simple if you want to exclude any specific content also it gives you a free hand and more control of a few posts that are live on your website. Therefore from the above points, we can consider Grace as one of the best and the most powerful tools for displaying your Instagram posts on your wordpress website.

2) Wordpress Instagram Plugin WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed Plugin is also an amazing tool, which can help you to create a mesmerizing gallery on Instagram with some beautiful effects like lightbox and captions are included too. The free version of WD Plugin provides a small package of hashtag feed and username only however the paid version i.e. the pro and premium version has several options like tools, extensions, and several other features. The free version is more popular with Instagram users than the paid version because it saves time and makes your website look presentable. It creates a mix of diverse sources and integrated feeds from a single account and this is an exceptional filter to generate portfolios from Instagram,


3) Wordpress Instagram Plugin Enjoy

The Instagram user who is very active on the platform and posts several pictures several times in a day would love this plugin. Enjoy gives you various features to customize the layout of your Instagram feed and different features to design your posts and how they can be demonstrated on your wordpress website. Without this plugin we cannot make changes on Instagram, at times we don't want to use the same format and make changes in the photo grid or want to change the layout to Carousel then this is the best plugin which makes your feed interesting and we can easily display your feeds in pages and posts.

4) Wordpress Instagram Intagrate

Integrate has some amazing features which can help you to effectively broadcast your data on your wordpress website from the Instagram account. It automatically creates a post for your WordPress website once you feed your post in the Instagram account and you are connected to it. The post will have a picture and its caption and title of the post and the post content. It also creates the backup of all the posts by sending all the Instagram posts directly to the wordpress site library. Integrate has both paid and unpaid versions and both versions offer great features.

Let's conclude

Above we have discussed a few simple and easy to use Instagram Plugins that will make content beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. These plugins will make your job easy and you can directly display pictures and videos on your wordpress website from your Instagram account.

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