Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Your Everyday Experience Of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes in NZ

Over the past few decades, e-cigarettes have become an exceptionally popular smoking alternative to traditional cigarettes for cigarette lovers. This has allowed smokers to buy electronic cigarettes in NZ with the expectation of quitting their tobacco smoking addiction. However, to be honest, quitting tobacco smoking addiction is not at all an easy task; but with the gradual consumption of e-cig, you may get out of your addiction conveniently.

Those who prefer to make a switch tend to explore e-cigarettes in online vape store NZ to find their ideal alternative which helps them in quitting. 

What to Expect With The First Hit Of Electronic Cigarettes 

If you’re thinking about buying your first e-cigarette liquid online in NZ, here’s what you can exactly expect from your very first e-cig smoking hit.

  1. Day one experience

The immediate effects of switching to e-cigs are almost instantaneous. In research, it has been observed that within 8-10 hours of switching, the body started to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in your blood stream. Since any of the vaping products available in NZ vape shops in an extensive range of varieties don’t produce any excess CO2, your body will only reduce it and gain more oxygen level instead. As you get more oxygen with the hit of electronic cigarettes, you will start to feel more energy in your body and feel active. 

  1. By day three

Over the passing of the next few days, your body continues to get rid of other harmful toxins that may have been affecting your senses. At first, you will notice that excess mucus and phlegm are reduced from your body, and you can take deeper and easier breaths. You will also notice that your sense of smell and taste working normally and properly.

  1. By the next two weeks

As you continue to smoke electronic cigarettes in NZ, you will find that you feel absolutely comfortable with vaping products and are gradually getting habitual of its regular consumption. While switching from smoking tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes begins to realize almost instantly, these two to three weeks will allow your body to strengthen itself while your blood circulation improves and you adjust to more breathing comfort.

  1. And lifetime…

Over the next several months, your body will adapt its flavor, working diligently to get rid of toxicity from the cigarettes. You will continue to see gradual improvements in your ability to breathe with less strain on your lungs.

With passing years, your body will demand a strong hit to level out. Most importantly, your chances of developing deadly diseases like cancer and tuberculosis caused due to cigarettes will begin to drop off significantly by the end of the first year. 

 To reduce the effect of harmful substances present in regular cigarettes, there is a need for a more powerful supplement to diminish its effect. Thus, when you made your mind to quit your addiction, vaping products like electronic cigarettes are the ideal and safe option.

Aside from this, there is plenty of research is available which supports what happens when you stop with traditional cigarettes and started using electronic cigarettes and other vape products available online. The best part is that with e-cigs you can start seeing results right away within the first few hours. Go for a change with confidence!