Monday, 14 December 2020

7 Benefits of Solving Sample Papers

Every year the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the examination for all classes, usually in the month of March/April. The result is being declared by the end of May/June. To pass the exam with good percentages, students really need to work hard and burn the midnight candle. Mostly all the students do this. But apart from this, there is one major part that plays a vital role in the preparation of the exam is to solve the sample papers of all the subjects. Along with sample papers, other beneficial resources of study materials are previous year question papers, textbooks, notes, important questions, solutions, etc.

CBSE Board releases sample papers for Class 10 and Class 12 students for all the subjects. These sample papers are prepared according to the syllabus referring to the previous year question papers. By solving CBSE Board sample papers, students can evaluate their preparation level and get to know on which topics they are lagging. So, students should make it a habit of solving sample papers regularly without fail. Here in this article, we have listed a few benefits of solving sample papers before the exam.

Why are Solving Sample Papers so Important?

For the students of board exams, it's imperative to solve the sample papers. You won’t feel confident enough in your final exams until and unless you have practised the different types of questions from sample papers. There is a chance that few questions might be asked in the final exam from any of the sample papers. Below are a few points that will let you know how important it is to solve the CBSE 12 Sample Papers before the exam,

  1. Solving the papers is the best way of doing the revision. 

  2. You recognize your silly mistakes.

  3. You get to know how to manage time efficiently during the exams.

  4. Solving sample papers helps in overcoming the exam fear.

  5. It boosts your confidence.

  6. After practising from sample papers, you feel positive on the day of examination.

  7. It helps in developing the strategy for the actual exam. You get to know how to tackle the tough questions, moderate and easier one. 

  8. It helps in evaluating your weakness and strength, and based on that you can give your best on the day of examination.

How to make most of the Sample Papers

Here are some general tips that will help students to make complete use of CBSE Sample Paper. Have a look! 

  • Consider the sample paper as the actual exam paper and solve it seriously.

  • Stick to the timing as mentioned in the papers. 

  • While practising sample paper don’t cheat on yourself.

  • After finishing the paper, evaluate it by yourself. 

  • Mark your answer sheet as per the instruction mentioned in the paper. 

After doing so you will get to know how much you are really prepared to face the exam. It's good if you are getting good marks. But don’t feel disappointed if you are not able to score well. Be consistent with your studies and practice regularly until you achieve perfection. Slowly after a specific time, you will start seeing the results of your continuous effort. 

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