Monday, 19 April 2021

Achieve a Resplendent Look with Exotic Gold Jewellery designs

Jewelry has an immense role in offering you a resplendent look that compliments your personality. Wearing gold jewelry is rapidly evolving as a fashion trend. Ever since the olden days gold ornaments have occupied great importance among Indians. Purchasing gold jewelry on a special occasion such as festivals or weddings is considered a supreme practice. 

However, the evolution of the jewelry industry in terms of designing, quality, and craftsmanship is truly laudable. Today, you can easily check gold jewelry designs at online stores. Online jewelry purchase has its own set of benefits. With easy purchase options, you can explore thousands of styles from the confines of your home that too without compromising on the quality. 

Here we have come up with a list of the latest gold jewelry designs ruling the markets right now.

Different Gold Jewellery Designs 

Every woman tries to find a jewel that worthy to ooze a princess-like elegance. So, we provide you the list of a popular gold jewelry collection that is evident to encapsulate charm and feminine grace. 

Traditional Jewellery Designs

Traditional Indian jewelry has seen a strong comeback recently. People love it for its unique aesthetics and design elements. Intricate detailing, patterns, etchings, and rustic charm are highlights of traditional designs. Traditional jewelry is commonly made using gold metal. The reason being Indians perceive gold to hold an auspicious value among all other metals on the earth. Traditional ornaments are chunkier and emboss design of gods, goddesses, natural elements, and precious gemstones. Wearing traditional jewelry accords you with a royal look. It adds a unique vibe to your outfit which makes you stand out from the crowd. 

The graceful collection of traditional designs includes polki, jadau, Filigree, meenakari, tribal patterns, and temple jewelry. These are some of the most sought-after Indian jewelry styles. 

The traditional jewelry pieces include:

  • Anklets or payal. 

  • Armbands or baajubandh. 

  • Waistband or kamarbandh. 

  • Toe rings or bichua. 

  • Nose ring or nath. 

  • Mangalsutra.

Contemporary Gold Jewellery Designs 

As we all know that gold jewelry has received a huge transformation over the years. Unlike traditional jewelry, modern designs speak of minimalism. They are light, simple, and dainty. Now, the design of jewelry is inspired by natural elements or real-life events. Personalized jewelry engraved with names or wedding dates is the best example of this. The elegance and of modern jewelry is packed in simple pieces. Considering the busy lifestyle, contemporary jewelry is perfect for working women. It is lightweight jewelry that allows you to wear it all day long without feeling bogged down. Plus, they are great to be worn on multiple occasions. 

Most popular contemporary jewelry designs include: 

  • Gold Platinum rings. 

  • Layered pendant necklaces. 

  • Gold lockets. 

  • Gold pearl ornaments. 

  • Gold stud earrings.

  • Gold charm bracelets. 

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