Tuesday, 15 June 2021

What You Should Know Before Keeping a Ragdoll Cat


So, you feel it is finally time for you to keep a pet. You have settled on a ragdoll cat. But you do not know how exactly to tell one apart. 

You do not know how to prepare for it or even what to expect. Do not panic. This article clearly explains the appearance, characteristics, and how to prepare yourself for your new furry cat before getting it. 

The appearance

The fact that you are looking to keep one tells that you've seen one. Ever met a large feline with long fluffy fur and round blue eyes? Yes, that is a ragdoll, alright.

  • Physique

The cats are often large, broad, and heavy-boned. Their long fur coat also contributes to their prominent appearance. At full maturity, the cats are large and relatively heavy, reaching a height of up to 28cm and a weight of up to 9.1 kilograms. 

  • Fur

 The breed is one with fur length ranging from medium to long. The coat has an extraordinarily soft and silky feel. Ever touched the skin of a rabbit? The feeling of a raggie's fur is not very different from that. 

Most times, the colors on the raggie’s coat take on darker versions. They usually come in combinations of three or more. The most common fur colors are seal chocolate and lilac.

The fur coat is not evenly distributed on the feline’s body. Often, the ears, face, and legs have slightly less hair.

Characteristics and temperament

Ragdolls are very homely, friendly, and sociable. You will definitely love having one around. They are a calm breed. Your ragdoll will rarely act out or show episodes of aggression unless prompted by other issues. 

These animals live up to their name, which comes from the fact that they tend to relax whenever you hold them.

Their friendliness is evident from their behavior around owners, children, and other pets. Often, your feline will follow you around beside your feet. See this link to read a few tips on how you can take care of a ragdoll cat https://kittentoob.com/7-special-tips-taking-care-ragdoll-kittens/ 

What to do before you get a Ragdoll Cat

Getting a raggie can mean different things for different people. The experience depends on the exact reason you want to keep one and the individual living circumstances. That said, there are some everyday things that every owner should do before getting themselves a pet. Here are some:

  1. Prepare your house

Ragdolls are generally indoor cats. That means the pet will spend 90% of its time in the house. Please make arrangements to ensure the indoor environment is safe and comfortable. 

Are there any dangerous items that you may need to take out? Or maybe there are unsafe spots that may need proofing.  

A part of preparing the house for a new pet involves designating areas for it. Where will its sleeping area be at? What about its litter box and feeding area?

  1. Budget for and buy supplies

Cats are considered low-maintenance pets. However, that does not mean that they are cost-free. Your new furry friend has needs and wants that have to be fulfilled. For you to effectively do that, you will need to budget and plan ahead for it.

Some of the costs associated with the new feline include:

  • Initial adoption or purchasing fees.

  • Buying canned and other wet cat foods. Your raggie will also need raw meat and dietary supplements.

  • Living supplies such as bedding, a feeding bowl, and a water bowl.

  • Grooming supplies, e.g., a fur brush, brush for the teeth, shampoo

  • Vet fees.

  • Toys and accessories.

  1. Make an appointment with a local vet.

The breed's nature makes it genetically predisposed to certain diseases and health conditions such as obesity and polycystic kidney disease. 

It is essential to visit a vet before you get a raggie to get complete information on the health aspect of pet keeping.

In addition, your pet will need extra routine checkups for vaccines and spay and neuter services.  Vets are also generally well informed in all matters of pet care. Here, you will learn what, when, how, and why of having a raggie.

  1. Research

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. It is great that you want to get a furry pet.  Learning as much as possible about everything pet keeping will play a massive role in ensuring you get maximum satisfaction from this new endeavor.

Some of the things you should research include the behavior and temperament of the cats. Knowing that is important as you will understand whether your personality matches the pet. In addition, you will need to learn general information about the breed, care, vet services, requirements, and needs.

Doing adequate research has many benefits, For example, smooth, quick, and easy transition into pet ownership. Another importance is that you will be well prepared for the responsibilities that lie ahead. Click here to find out how you can prepare for your new pet. 

Some great research places to start within include:

  • The internet.

  • Local ragdoll owners.

  • Books about pets and animals.

  • The Vet.

  • Cat owner forums and chat rooms.


Owning a new ragdoll cat can be overwhelming. However, once you find your way around it, it is a very fulfilling experience. To transition smoothly, you need to understand all aspects of the animals' appearance. That will aid you in appropriately caring for it. Understanding the animal's temperament is also key to guaranteeing you treat it accordingly. All in all, with adequate prior research, an inclusive budget, a talk with an animal doctor, and in-house preparation, bringing a raggie might turn out to be the best decision you ever make.