Tuesday 14 September 2021

Huawei gt3 smart watch review


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The Huawei watch gt3, also known as "Huawei gt3 pro", is a classy and Intuitive fitness tracker with the ability to do much more. This is a stylish wristwatch that uses Huawei's proprietary HarmonyOS for the first time. Huawei gt3’s silky smooth, but it's not quite polished yet, as you'd anticipate. Few more apps are accessible for download, and third-party services aren't supported on this watch.

It's still worth considering if you're using an Android phone (or one of Huawei's own) because the Huawei gt3 will only become better as the ecosystem grows.

What was the purpose of wearing Huawei gt3?

Exercise tracking was a primary consideration when designing The Apple Huawei gt3, which has several features to monitor daily health (such as sleep, step counts and SpO2) and exercises. However, we found its heart rate analysis erratic during intensive training sessions, occasionally showing unexpected peaks during interval sessions, but its position tracking was confirmed accurate throughout our pre-measured run, as did speed and cadence reporting.

Huawei's guided workouts & navigation.

Despite the Huawei gt3's fantastic hardware, we can't help but think that its great display would be ideal for on-screen navigation and guided workouts with animated tutorials. With additional apps and support for popular third-party services, HarmonyOS will come into its own over time.

What is the pricing of the Huawei watch gt3?

Starting at £280.99, the Huawei gt3 will be available in certain regions in June 2021. However, no US releases are planned, and no timetable for an Australian release has been set.

In addition to a basic Huawei gt 3, the Huawei gt3 Pro includes a few more capabilities, such as dual-band GPS for greater accuracy and longer battery life than the original Huawei gt 3. It's also a lot more expensive, with a starting price of $690.

Does the Huawei watch gt3 have excellent build quality and is it durable?

With a slick, glossy face, lower bezels, and glass that bends around the corners to meet the casing, the Huawei gt3 is a radical departure from the bulky Watch 2.

Unlike the Apple Watch 6, the Huawei gt3 active version comes with a black silicone band that isn't as supple as the Apple Watch 6. As well as having quick-release pins, the round is held with a traditional buckle rather than the loop-and-tang style fastening that has been more popular with smartwatches and fitness trackers.

One button navigates you backwards through menus, while the other is a crown that you can use to choose choices and apps and scroll through text and menus, which was missing from the Huawei Watch 2.

A sound system and scrolling with the crown are smooth and responsive, thanks to a crown. You can use the Huawei gt3's on-screen keypad, but it's still a bit clunky.

What features can we find inside the Huawei watch gt3?

The Huawei watch gt3 consist of many remarkable features some of them are listed below:

  • eSim support

  • Good time-saving tools

  • Few extra apps

If you have an Android phone and cannot afford an Apple Watch, the Huawei gt3 is an excellent option.

As long as you have an active Bluetooth connection to your smartphone (which is excellent for working out), you may make and receive calls, play music and download apps with an eSim installed.

Celia, Huawei's voice assistant, may also be used to make and receive calls. This allows you to do simple searches, as well as operate devices that are linked. Suppose you compare it to Google Assistant or Siri or even Amazon Alexa. In that case, you'll find that it's not quite as advanced as they are, but there is still much room for improvement.

In addition, the Notes app allows you to create voice memos quickly, so you can capture anything that comes to mind in a matter of seconds without utilizing the watch's on-screen keypad.

Why should you purchase the Huawei gt3?

Because it runs HarmonyOS, the Huawei gt3 is the first smartwatch to do so. There's no lag, and the incredibly crisp AMOLED display fully showcases everything the software has to offer. When it comes to different applications, the Huawei gt3 can't compete with the likes of Apple and Google. The lack of third-party tools is unfortunate, but this should also change in the coming months. Smartwatches have enormous promises.

It would be best if you considered buying this for the following aspects:

  • Display with AMOLED technology.

  • GPS tracking that's accurate.

  • eSIM compatibility.

  • Voice commands that save you time.