Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Five Cyber Security Services You Should Get for Your Business


Cyber Security

Starting a business in these automated times is equal parts convenient and challenging. On one hand, you can enjoy a seamless workflow with the help of technological innovations that the world has adapted. But, still, there is a constant worry about cyber-attacks that could take everything you worked for in just a click.

 The good thing is that companies such as Dragonfly Technologies are equipped with the necessary expertise to provide cyber security services. This way, business owners like you can continue building their empire without being nervous about cybercriminals possibly lurking around.


SOC/SIEM -Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a place within the company where employees monitor network behaviour, traffic, and alerts that can indicate if a cyber-crime is being implemented. The focus of SOC is the security of the network itself. In other words, this is the first line of defence in every possible cyber-attack. On the other hand, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) is a platform that displays alerts of any suspicious network activity. In other words, SOC and SIEM are the first line of defence in every possible security breach.

Vulnerability Management - This assesses the security vulnerabilities in systems and all the software that runs with them. It identifies a problem, evaluates any proper solution, treats the suspected error, and reports it for the cyber security engineers to work on during maintenance. Vulnerability management is integral to computer and network security, but it is still different from the vulnerability assessment. 


Firewall - This is a cloud firewall that provides advanced layer seven or Next-Generation Firewall. Its services include (URL) Uniform Resource Locators filtering, (DNS) Domain Name System security, (IPS) intrusion prevention systems, (IPsec) Internet Protocol Security, (SSL VPN) secure sockets layer virtual private network, and packet filtering.


Managed Application Security - This refers to developing, installing, and testing system security features within software applications to prevent unauthorised access and modification in the leading network. This may use hardware, software, and procedures to identify and minimise system vulnerabilities. If an application is found to be corrupted, it is within its authority to terminate it.


Automated Security Compliance - This is a software classification that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make compliance procedures easier. This provides self-assessment, controls testing, and corrective action planning if there is a threat to the system's cyber security.


These cyber security services are only a number compared to other services that you can use in your business. It still depends on your operations and the volume of data that you need to protect.


You can always consult the experts about which kind of cyber security service suits you well for you. What's important is that you take this as the highest priority because neglected security can be the downfall of your business.

Author: Ethan More

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