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Prepare for Your Eye Exam as You Book Online Now

Your Eye Exam

 An eye test comprises a series of examinations to check your visual acuity and diagnose any eye disease that you might have. Each test is specific for a particular aspect of your current eye and vision condition. Professionals aim to detect any eye problem when it is most treatable or still at its earliest stage.

Thus, it is crucial to get your regular comprehensive eye exam or doctor consultation as soon as you have eye complaints or vision issues. Fortunately, you can book your eye test online and skip the line or waiting time. Furthermore, booking ahead will give you the chance to prepare for your appointment. This is a list of tips to help you out:

Before the Appointment

The physician would ask for pertinent information and expects you to answer honestly in any consultation. Thus, it is critical to prepare yourself for these questions and even write them out to guide you in your actual appointment. Furthermore, everything should be at optimal comfort and rest as you undergo the test. 

  • Summarise Your Family’s Medical History

Eye disorders such as glaucoma and macular degeneration tend to be hereditary. Thus, it is critical to inform your doctor if anyone in your family has any familial eye conditions. Additionally, it is pertinent to include any cataracts, colour blindness, or strabismus that your parents or siblings might have experienced. 

  • List Down Your Symptoms

As you book your eye test online, it is imperative to note your chief eye complaint. In addition, you must list down any eye problem that you notice together with its onset and duration. For example, symptoms of blurry or distorted vision, eye sensitivity, eye pain, headaches, and itchy or watery eyes can be indications of possible diagnosable eye disorders. 

  • Get Enough Rest and Relax

Well-rested eyes guarantee accurate eye exam results. So you need to make sure that you get the total recommended sleeping hours in the night before your appointment. Avoiding nicotine and too much caffeine will also help calm your nerves.

It is essential to go in and remain relaxed throughout the eye exam so as not to impede the results. In addition, you should refrain from excessive eye-straining and avoid using an electronic device at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Going in calm and taking a deep breath beforehand will guarantee a smooth-sailing process. 

During the Appointment

As you relax your eyes before entering the clinic, it is essential to get your lists and own questions ready. The appointment also gives you the chance to ask your queries and for the doctor to address your concerns. It would be best if you also didn’t forget to bring your insurance and identification cards. 

  • Know and Wear Your Current Prescription 

If you are in for your annual checkup or currently have prescription glasses or contacts, then it is vital to wear them in your appointment. Then, your doctor can check if they are currently working for you or if they would need adjusting. Most importantly, switching lenses would be easier and cheaper if you have your frames.

Furthermore, the physician can take note of your vision changes based on your prescription records. It especially applies when you decide to go to a new clinic, and they don’t have your records yet in their system. Additionally, the changes in your eye health and condition over time will help diagnose and treat your complaints. 

After the Appointment

As long as you have answered all the questions and tests in the appointment honestly, you will have to wait for your glasses or contact lenses to be ready. Picking them up immediately and trying them out for some time will also be ideal. You can follow up or contact the clinic if you have concerns or if the prescription needs to be adjusted.

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