Friday, 2 September 2022

5 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing an Ideal Billboard Location



When you travel, do you notice the number of billboards that try to grab your attention? These adverts are everywhere and share their message in the most creative way possible. 

Digital billboards, mobile billboards, or even street-level civic guides billboards can be seen while on the road and highway. Even in today’s digital era, billboards have a broader reach than expected. If you want to go by the numbers, billboard advert reaches 83.3% of Aussies each month.

But what makes the billboard worthwhile? Well, there are some factors you should consider before choosing the ideal location for your ads. Read on to find out.

Top Factors to Consider Before Placing Your Billboard Advert

If properly used, billboards or Out-Of-Home (OOH) adverts have the potential to make your brand heard. Are you looking to run a successful marketing campaign using billboards? For that, the location is a primary factor that can make or break the deal for your business. 

Here are some key things to consider while finalising the location of your billboard campaign. 

The Visibility Aspect

Billboards with limited visibility can’t boost your brand’s visibility. So, while planning your campaign, keep the visibility factor at the top priority. The optimum direction or the angle at which you place your billboard ad can make it more visible to the oncoming traffic. 

Keep in mind the height factor as well. Because if something obstructs your billboard’s view, no one will notice it even if you spend a lot on its design.

Traffic Situation in the Area

Knowing the traffic and overall crowd capacity of any location is necessary to determine the right place for your billboard. Roundabouts, traffic lights, crossings, and stop streets are a few perfect spots if there is too much traffic in the area. While people sit through the dense traffic, they look at the billboards for a longer time.  

Proximity to Your Business

You will not gain any leads if your business’s location is far from the billboard’s placement. If you place the ad closer to your business premise, you’re more likely to drive prospective buyers towards your business. 

It’s not 100% true if you only offer online products or services. However, if your business is local and serves people of a specific region, proximity is vital in making billboard adverts work for you.

Target Audience Demographics

Identifying your target audience is essential for any marketing strategy to reap positive results. Once you identify your target audience, ensure to place your ad in a location that matches the community values and resonates with your brand.

Suppose your business targets people from a specific area. Using street-level civic guides billboards is more effective as passers-by notice them often while they go about their daily routine. 

Competition Levels

Less clutter attracts more eyeballs. It’s easier for your audience to remember your brand if there’s less competition around your billboard ad. So, choose a location by analysing the area and see where your ad will catch more attention. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of marketing resources. 

Billboards are viable options to expand your audience base. Carry out initial research and planning about your marketing campaign and pick a location wisely. Keep in mind the discussed points and ensure your billboard ad should be easy to see and read.

Author: Ethan More