Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Make Center Table the Center of Attraction of Your Living Room


Everyone desires a perfect center table for their living room, something that’s sturdy, of the right size and that complements your interior decor. The Center table plays an important role in bringing in the living room furniture together, and without it undoubtedly the space looks incomplete. A good center table is enough to spruce up the look of your living room and some stylish models can add a component of panache to your otherwise grave living room. In previous times center tables were just simple wooden tables made with the function of holding just the teacups, newspaper, remote. But now people view center tables as an element of style for the living room and consider it an inseparable part of the space. Lets us give you some effective buying tips to guide you choose the best center table that suits your lifestyle and living needs.

1. Consider its Size: Many of us struggle with the size guide of the center table and often wonder if it would become too big or too small for the living room. In the world of interior designing, there is a thumb rule, the size of the center table should be two-thrid of the biggest piece of the furniture in your living room. If you have a very large seating area, then place two or more center tables to tie up the whole place together. You can place one near the sofa, and one opposite to the TV unit to create symmetry. The preferred distance between the center table and other furniture should be at least 18 inches to create goo enough space to walk about it.

2. Consider its Shape: As per the interior designers, the shape of your center table should be in sync with your sofa set. If you have a large section sofa in your living room, then get a rectangle-shaped center table so that it remains accessible to the guests even from the far end of the sofa. If you have a small cozy living room and you have placed a loveseat, then bring in a round or oval-shaped center table.

3. Consider Your Interior D├ęcor Theme and Style: Since your center table is the cynosure of all your guest’s eyes, it’s best to get a center table that is in tune with the furniture and refurbishment used in the living room. For example, if your living room has been designed like yesteryears traditional style, then a wooden centerpiece suits well, while geometrical shaped edgy center tables go well with more contemporary homes. 

4. Consider its functionality: Center tables in the living room the most functional piece of furniture. Apart from adding a glam factor, these are great when you want to display your exquisite vase. You can choose center tables that come with storage options like drawers to hold those magazines, board games, napkins, and coasters. If the budget allows you, invest in marble or granite top center tables because these are easy to clean if there is any spillage, and they make your house look luxurious. 

The above four points will certainly help you identify the best center table for your living room.