Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Everything You Must Know About Travel SIM Cards


SIM Cards

Are you planning to travel abroad? Have you thought about connectivity? This is where you make the mistake of using domestic SIM cards and asking the network provider to activate roaming. While roaming is a good way to remain connected to your family and friends, have you thought of a simpler and less expensive alternative? If not, consider getting a travel sim card for your next international trip. 

Read the following section to find out everything about travel SIMs.

How Do Travel SIMs Work?

Travel SIM cards function quite differently than local SIM cards. Local SIMs are programmed to work on a single network in a specific location. Travel SIMs work on multiple networks in different areas all over the globe.  

Who Can You Get Travel SIM Cards?

Many companies and carriers offer international or travel sim cards. The carrier from which you buy the sim has bilateral agreements with other carriers worldwide, so customers can use their network wherever they travel.   

What Are the Benefits of Using Travel Sim Cards?

There are several benefits of using travel sim cards, but the best benefit you get is the cost. You can contact your friends and family any time without worrying about ridiculously high roaming charges.


International SIMs also have several plans and packages at different costs. However, it depends on your requirements and usage patterns.

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Using a Travel SIM?

Some tips can help you use the travel sim card when you're travelling internationally. These are listed below:

Check Your Phone's Lock

Make sure your phone is unlocked when using a prepaid SIM while travelling internationally. A global unlocked phone allows seamless switching of SIM cards. 

You can contact the operator if you are unsure whether your phone is unlocked. Or, you can place another SIM to check if it recognises another network.

Look Into APN Settings

You might need to configure the operator's APN for the phone's data network to work. If you cannot access data after inserting the SIM, follow APN configuration instructions delivered with your sim, or you can consult the operator.

Know About Your Data Usage

Before getting your SIM, you should install an application to track your data usage and identify the maximum data-consuming apps. This way, you will know what data plan to purchase to meet your needs. 

Turn of Notifications

Smartphones have the automatic feature of using data and updated apps. It means your Facebook, Email, and Instagram get updated, and this hidden data usage can cost a lot when using an international SIM. So, don't forget to turn off push notifications which can prevent data usage and help you save costs. 

Go Offline

When travelling abroad, you may constantly need the internet to navigate places. However, downloading Google maps offline and using it could help you save data. Remember, it's not the calls but the internet that makes your bill absurdly high.

Are Travel Sims Secure?

A travel SIM card is secure and possesses safety features like PIN, phone number, location area, contacts, mobile plans and text messages. You can also get SIM cards with low-cost data, texting and calling features in about 200 countries worldwide. 

Budget is a primary consideration when deciding whether to use local SIMs abroad. Also, if budget is not a constraint, making an informed decision using travel SIMs can offer many benefits. Imagine when you don't have to rush to get a local SIM as soon as you reach your destination, you can have so much more time to relax and unwind after the hectic journey.  

Author: Ethan More