Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Tips for the Best Pork Ever


Pork Ever

Food is the way to anyone's heart, and there's nothing that screams comfort and love more than perfectly cooked pork. Whether it's an outdoor picnic or a warm family get-together, the perfect spit roast is the embellishment. Great food comes at a heavy price, and a perfect pork roast is no easy feat. Worry not because roasting pork is not rocket science, and this guide covers everything you need to know about the process. The pressure for the perfect dish can be daunting, but services like Spit hire pork make it easy. 

What Makes the Best Spit Roast Pork?

Spit Roast Pork is a pork cut or an entire piglet roasted on a rotating skewer over hot coal. With an even roast, the pork has a characteristic crackled skin with juicy pink flesh inside. 

How to Make the Best Spit Roast Pork?

Here are the steps one must follow to prepare the best spit pork:

Setting up

The unique cooking style gives the pork its characteristic even roast and intense flavour. To ensure that the pork remains delicious, one must have a flawless cooking setup. 

Heating up

The pork needs hot coals for the perfect roast. If you start the fire too late, you'll be charring the meat with flames and smoke. The easiest way to set the right conditions is by piling up coal in the spit and letting them burn until hot without spreading the piles across.

Cooking Technique

  • Insert the spit through the pork shoulder when ready to begin cooking. 

  • To keep the weight evenly distributed while spat roasting, skewer the meat lengthwise as close to the middle as you can. 

  • Use the large forks with the rotisserie to hold the pork in place.

  • The spit placement is the most daunting step of pork spit roasting. Having a centred and well-positioned spit helps the pork cook evenly. Moreover, a central spit encourages even roasting. 

  • Try piercing the meat from both ends with a long sharp object before sliding the spit into place. Doing so helps you mark precisely where the spit must be and makes the spit placement process less tedious.


Spit roasting is slow cooking, and you must roast at lower temperatures for more time. Many spit roasters purchase an internal thermometer that helps them ensure that the internal temperature does not exceed 165F. 

The Best Meat Preparation

Always Marinade

Most recipes call for a juice soak and a dry rub for marination. These recipes also recommend marination for at least an hour. However, marinate overnight for the best results. Overnight marination gives the meat sufficient time to absorb all the incredible flavours.

Just Right

One cannot afford to have undercooked or overcooked spit roast pork. While roasting, keep a close eye on the temperature and time. If either of those factors is variable, the meat could be tough and dry or dark pink. This complex cooking is daunting; many turn to spit-hire pork services to save the day. 


Resting the meat after the roasting helps it reabsorb all the hot juices escaping during the cooking. After removing the spit, allow the pork to escape for ten to fifteen minutes. 

Spit Hire Services

The perfect spit roast pork takes time and patience - two things that not many in today's world have. Moreover, it is a nerve-wracking and careful process. Spit hire pork services provide families with an experienced spit roaster to prepare the pork and guarantee the best spit roast pork without any accompanying stress.

Author: Ethan More